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“To maximise return to the grower and enhance end-customer satisfaction through the least cost, transparent and efficient supply chain.”

The conception of Grown4U was based on the need to provide a group of passionate citrus growers the opportunity to own their own marketing company and to have a direct marketing channel to various global markets. Growers own 85% of shares in the company. The "direct” export model allows growers to control the channels where their very own fruit is marketed and it allows them to play a part in the decision-making process of where and when their fruit will be sold. Grown4U thus puts the destiny of the citrus fruit where it belongs - back in the proud hands of the growers.

Our main goal is to offer our customers a direct, honest and sustainable supply model without sacrificing quality, service and expertise. This enhances the customer experience and satisfaction whilst maximizing the return to the grower, operating in a completely transparent manner with paying all rebates and profits back to the grower.

Benefits to CustomerS Working with Grown4U

  • All citrus supply is from well-established growers and at least 90% of all Grown4U fruit is from shareholder’s orchards.
  • Grown4U suppliers are all hand selected and invited to join the group based on their quality, performance
  • and attitude to the group's philosophy. These parameters have been evaluated over many seasons.
  • All supplier packhouses are controlled both from a technical and quality assurance standpoint by
  • Grown4U and the key to our success is our product focus and flexibility towards special packing.
  • Grown4U has implemented an orchard profiling system which enables us to match specific orchards
  • to client requirements.
  • Grown4U endeavours to focus on Supermarket Programs and prioritize the allocation of fruit to these programs.
  • Grown4U apply the edible skin concept and have successfully supplied Lemons and Valencias into Europe, ensuring they don't arrive at destinations with Post-harvest Residues.
  • The Senior Management of Grown4U has specific "hands-on" experience with the UK and European markets, especially the supermarket business. This knowledge is an invaluable resource that customers are welcome to make direct use of.
  • Grown4u and Everseason, from the Western Cape, have established a joint UK based operation in order to focus on the direct UK supermarket business, invoicing and administration.
  • Grown4U is a proud shareholder of Freight, Logistics4u which is a grower-owned Logistical company.
  • The best quality lemons in South Africa, and arguably in the world originate from the Sundays River Valley, where G4U is one of the major role players.
  • The Eastern Cape is the heart of good Eating Quality Navels in South Africa and Grown4u can guarantee specific minimum internal qualities.
  • Grown4U is one of the 5 largest late Mandarin & Nova exporters with the best mid-season internal quality from South Africa.
  • Grown4U is ethically responsible and has various certifications in place.
  • Grown4U offers full traceability of all products.
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