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“To maximise return to the grower and enhance end-customer satisfaction through a least cost, transparent and efficient supply chain.”

Grown4U was set up to allow a group of growers to have a direct marketing channel to various global markets.

The “direct” export model allows growers to control the channels where their very own citrus fruit is marketed and allow them to take decisions about where and when it will be sold.

Grown4U puts the destiny of the citrus fruit back in the hands of the growers (quality allowed) and not in those of “middle men” who only operate for profit.

All profits generated in Grown4U will be paid back to the growers (85%) and Employees (15%) at the end of the season within this totally transparent, grower-exporter vehicle.

The biggest benefit of Grown4U is transparency and that all relevant information is made available to the producer.

Good quality fruit will most likely result in better RETURNS, while poor quality fruit will be sent to less sensitive markets where returns may be less.

Harvest forecast and delivery based on the harvest forecast is important for successful marketing.

Benefits to CustomerS Working with Grown4U


“Grown4U offers our customers a direct, transparent and sustainable supply model without sacrificing quality, service or expertise. “

  • Product from known and identified sources
  • Ethically responsible with GAPs in place.
  • Full traceability of product
  • Flexible Supply – volumes packed to a programme but additional volumes will be available if customer should need these
  • Competitively Priced due to direct supply chain and also the flexibility to pack extra product when needed. 
  • All Grown4U suppliers have supplied the UK Supermarkets for at least 7 years and therefore know the importance of loading the correct product to program.

The grower shareholders forming the base of the Grown4U supply are all hand selected and “invited” to join the group based on their quality, performance and more importantly “attitude” to the group's philosophy. These parameters have been evaluated over many seasons.

All packhouses are controlled both from a technical and quality assurance stance by our own employees. Grown4u apply the edible skin concept as per the guideline of Global 2000 in Austria and supplied Edible Skin Valencia’s with great success into Austria, Switzerland and Germany the past few seasons.

Expertise: The Senior Management of Grown4U have specific “hands-on” experience with the UK and European markets; especially the supermarket business. This knowledge is an invaluable resource that the customer is welcome to make direct use of. 

Packhouses are all very specific with flexibility and product focus is the key to our success.

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